I’ve built several games for mobile development and deployment in the Android OS.  The most notable is 9 to 5 SMASH IT, a game I recently published on the Google Play Store.

9 to 5 SMASH IT is a humorous mobile game where the player gets a job at a robot office building, ZaamCore Enterprises. The player must make their way from the mail room to the top floor. To get promoted, the player must smash their competition!

9 to 5 SMASH IT uses part of the Google VR SDK to create a magic window, which allows the player to view a virtual area through the window of their mobile device. By moving the phone around, they are able to see different areas of the game environment. This was achieved by using the 3dof tracking from the VR package to follow the rotation of the phone.

The punching mechanic uses the accelerometer of the mobile device to determine the force of the punch. The player moves the phone rapidly forward, and the punching glove will punch forward with a force proportional to the acceleration of the device as it moves forward. Punching harder means just moving the device faster.

I also optimized the navigation script to include obstacle avoidance to allow for much more control over the navigation parameters over the navmesh system in Unity. This includes overriding some of the physics to maintain greater control over all aspects of navigation.

This game has been developed in Unity has been designed, prototyped, and developed by myself. The robots were all modeled using Google Blocks, a program where low poly models can be created directly in VR.

Early bot

The picture above is an earlier version of one of the bots. To see the bot in 3D, click on this link!

Here are more screenshots of the game: