Sci Fi Rube Goldberg Puzzler

This game was developed for the HTC Vive as part of the Udacity VR Developer nanodegree and offers a puzzle game where the player must throw a ball through a series of obstacles, similar to how a Rube Goldberg machine functions. The ball must reach the target without touching the ground, and the player can only throw the ball from the start platform. If the ball is thrown from anywhere other than the start platform, the ball turns red and will not count.


There are collectables that the player must get along the path of the ball in order to beat a level. As the game progresses, the player can spawn game objects like a plank, a funnel, a “pulse bounce” which is basically a sci fi trampoline, and a tractor beam. These objects need to be placed in the play area in order for the ball to reach the target. The objects can be moved, but only when the ball is on the start platform.

There is also a reverse gravity button which is needed in some levels to change the direction of the ball while it is in play.


My game won an outstanding project award from Udacity and was demoed at Intersect 2018 as part of their outstanding student showcase.