Hello! I have always had a healthy balance between being creative and analytical. My passion is game development and I enjoy bringing my physics and math background, along with my desire to create, to the world of game development.

In 2010 I got a B.Sc. from Humboldt State University in physics. During my undergrad I worked in a research lab which looked for small scale deviations of Newtonian gravity. I worked on the optics set up which included designing parts using SolidWorks, writing data acquisition code in LabVIEW, and data analysis code in Mathematica. In my free time I built a Tesla coil, an electromagnetic levitator, several small robots, and a lot of playing around with programming microcontrollers for various applications.

Here’s a link to the abstract from a research paper I published from my undergradate research.

In 2015 I got a M.Sc. from Washington State University in physics. During grad school I taught physics labs as well as the large, 200 student lecture portion. My research focus was on photomechanical polymer fibers, which are essentially plastic optical fibers that change shape when exposed to light. The fibers I made and characterized were to be used as novel probes for deep brain stimulation. My work consisted of making polymer samples, turning those bulk samples into fibers which had gold wires that were thinner than human hair embedded in them, and characterizing their response to different intensities of laser light. For the characterization, I built a real-time force sensor that measured the stress response of my samples. The system was automated over time, and I used Python for data acquisition and Mathematica, Origin Pro, and Python for data analysis.

Check out my masters defense : Investigating the mechanism of photomechanical forces in azobenzene dye-doped PMMA

Here’s a link to a paper from my graduate research group.

After grad school I started working on game development and aside from making lots of projects in Unity, I enrolled in the Udacity VR Developer nanodegree. This helped me focus on VR development and after completing the course, I was awarded an outstanding project award for one of my games. Since grad school I have also been working for Martian Games as a developer and a physics / math consultant. I have also helped the team develop VR games and worked on locomotion options, and VR implementation for a few projects.

I’ve taught at community colleges, high schools, and universities and love teaching physics and engineering classes, but my main passion is in game development. My longer term goals involve developing VR / AR games and experiences for STEM classes. As an educator and a developer, I have a unique view of the challenges that need to be overcome to bring tools for teachers and educators that allow them to be more efficient.

I’m currently in the Seattle area and looking to connect with other developers.