Hello! I have always had a healthy balance between being creative and analytical. In 2010 I got a B.Sc. from Humboldt State University in physics. During my undergrad I worked in a research lab which looked for small scale deviations of Newtonian gravity. I worked on the optics set up which included designing parts using a CAD program, writing data acquisition code in LabVIEW, and data analysis code in Mathematica. In my free time I built a Tesla coil, a magnetic levitator

In 2015 I got a M.Sc. from Washington State University in physics. During grad school I taught physics labs as well as the large, 200 student lecture portion. My research focus was on photomechanical polymer fibers, which are essentially plastic optical fibers that change shape when exposed to light. The fibers I made and characterized were to be used as novel probes for deep brain stimulation. My work consisted of making polymer samples, turning those bulk samples into fibers which had gold wires that were thinner than human hair …

After grad school work programming food